Any water issue whether nuclear heavy water or a municipal water supply can be treated to drinking water standards.

The treatment process can also desalinate ocean or salt bearing lakes. The process involves all of the attributes of the fuel conversion systems but adds a Reverse Osmosis system that handles the easiest water treatment issues and the plasma solution that ensures a complete breakdown of impurities at a very competitive cost for the guarantee of clean water. The toxins are completely broken down to inert levels and even endocrine disruptors can be eliminated.

The endocrine disruptor’s pharmaceutical bonds are broken, which is some of the most difficult bonds to break in the chemical world. Endocrine disruptors are increasing in industrialized nations at an alarming rate. They are causing more cancers and even earlier menstrual cycles for young girls. This in turn, leads to more teen pregnancies and heavier financial burdens for societies. Water is a basic human need and should be available to every human on earth. That is an American Energy Producers objective that must be obtained