The main element of American Energy Producers technologies is the Compressed Plasma Technology® Arc Torches. The plasma torch is a strong steel tube of any given length that encloses the essential components, including electrodes, gas injectors, insulators, and spacers. Our new technological application in plasma torches does not create additional harmful impurity of nitrogen (N, NOx etc.) during gasification of various wastes and simplifies the clearing system of output gases.

Compressed Plasma Technology® is used to gasify coal and natural gas, purify water down to the endocrine level as well as safely treating various types of waste, either in a furnace or in a reactor. This process allows for full decomposition and disintegration of organic components. The main element of plasma technology is a plasma arc torch. A plasma torch uses gas or steam and metal electrodes (copper, tungsten, hafnium, zirconium, etc.) to create plasma, which is an ionized gas. The temperature of the plasma torch can be calibrated to 4,000-20,000° F; at these temperatures molecular bonds break down through a process called molecular dissociation, to create basic elements of materials – atoms. Molecular dissociation is the result of our patented Compressed Plasma Technology®.

The process allows the reception of pure high-calorific synthesis gas (CO, H2, CH, etc.). The same temperatures are capable of vitrifying various non-flammable inorganic components. As a result, its energy could be used for electricity production.

Plasma processing of waste is an ecologically clean process. The lack of oxygen and high temperature in a reactor prevent the main elements of gas from forming toxic compounds, such as furans, dioxins, NOx, or sulfur dioxide. Extensive filtration removes inorganic residue (ash) and gaseous pollutants (NO, HCl, H2S, etc.) and allows the production of ecologically clean synthetic gas.

The resulting synthetic gas can be used for the production of electric energy. Gaseous pollutants are converted to valuable chemical products. Inert slag could be granulated and subsequently used in construction. Metal could be used for production of alloys, etc.

High temperatures created in a reactor vessel provide a near fusion reaction of non-flammable inorganic components and their transformation to slag and metal. The metals obtained through Compressed Plasma Technology® can be used as commodity products in various applications.

Plasma processing of natural gas or coal produces any type of transportation fuel with higher Octane and Cetane levels while removing sulfur contents to less than 1 part per million. Plasma processing solutions produces the cleanest fuels on the planet far exceeding ASTM fuel standards, a truly green hydrocarbon solution.