Our Compressed Plasma Technology® allows a much smaller, simpler, and easier-to-operate plasma facility to be built and maintained for about 1/3 less cost than the price of existing facilities. The disruptive technology is that it requires minimum energy increase to gain larger plasma temperature increases.

The higher temperatures allow significantly greater throughput with an overall facility cost significantly less than existing solutions. This equates to significant energy savings, via a simpler technology (e.g. torches) required for system for production and maintenance savings.

More economical and clean production of:

  • Delivers sustainable and scalable profits/shareholder value
  • Proof point for tangible sustainability initiatives
  • Innovative and progressive, with a turnkey proof point in sustainable land use development
  • Creates a multi-faceted economic development engine
  • Sustainable and accelerating competitive advantage
  • Prototypical land use model for global development
  • Unleashes latent asset value of land
  • Grid stress reducer-distributed energy value chain

More economical and clean production of:

  • IGCC electricity
  • Diesel, Gasoline, Jet Fuel, and Naphtha
  • Ammonia or Hydrogen
  • Steam from coal-burning power plants
  • Natural gas substitutes
  • Economic pure CO2 streams for enhanced oil & gas recovery
  • and accelerated growth of food and fuel crops