American Energy Producers supplies a powerful, disruptive technology that provides an economically viable business model for the conversion of natural gas and coal into synthetic diesel, synthetic jet fuel, and activated carbon thus reducing dependence on foreign oil in the production of critical energy products to fuel economic growth.

Applying this new technology to the natural gas or coal conversion process reduces traditional gasification costs by 30% and eliminates 87% of the harmful emissions of typical diesel and jet fuel refining. The AEP GTL and CTL solution falls far below all EPA air quality requirements. There is a lack of sophisticated Natural Gas To Liquids (GTL) and Coal To Liquids (CTL) gasification processes available in the market. Present technologies, while producing reduced emissions, are economically viable only with government subsidization. We bring the intellectual property rights & expertise to commercialize our proprietary technology. We are well on the way to construct and to fulfill the energy demand for a total project cost of $1.8 billion with a $6 billion EBITDA projected over 7 years.

Pollutant Emission
PM10 11
PM2.5 11
SO2 2
NOX 32
CO 102
VOC 59
NO2e 678.000