Bring it all together

Remember the scene in Back to the Future where Doc Brown throws garbage into Mr. Fusion, powering his time machine? While household fusion is still in the realm of science fiction, we might be closer than you think to generating electricity for our homes utilizing trash and plasma waste converters.

The Water Solution

Any water issue whether nuclear heavy water or a municipal water supply can be treated to drinking water standards. The treatment process can also desalinate ocean or salt bearing lakes.

Synthetic Fuels

American Energy Producers supplies a powerful, disruptive technology that provides an economically viable business model for the conversion of natural gas and coal into synthetic diesel, synthetic jet fuel, and activated carbon thus reducing dependence on foreign oil in the production of critical energy products to fuel economic growth.

Waste To Power

The present has been named the “perfect storm” for plasma gasification technology. With focus increasing daily on mankind’s environmental impact and the growing concern to look to renewable energy resources, plasma plants are well positioned to become an important part of how we generate power and deal with waste.