It’s all about the disruptive revolution. American Energy Producers will introduce a new industrial revolution that generates millions of new jobs while helping clean up our environment by reducing CO2 emissions by 92.5%.

Our technology will replace America’s dependence on imported oil to attain energy independence and balance the current trade inequalities. Today America consumes 24 percent of the world’s oil supply although imports have decreased by 23% since 2008.In 2013, about 33% of the petroleum consumed by the United States was imported from foreign countries.

There is a lack of sophisticated natural gas and coal gasification processes available in the market. Present technologies, while producing reduced emissions, are economically viable only with government subsidization. American Energy Producers brings the intellectual property & expertise to commercialize proprietary technology. Applying this new technology to the natural gas and coal conversion process reduces traditional gasification costs by 30% and eliminates 87% of the harmful emissions of typical diesel and jet fuel refining.

More economical and clean production of:

  • Electricity
  • Diesel, Jet Fuel, or Naphthas
  • Ammonia or Hydrogen
  • Steam from coal-burning power plants
  • Natural gas substitutes
  • Economic pure CO2streams for enhanced oil & gas recovery and accelerated growth of food and fuel crops

Our Compressed Plasma Technology® uses the power of plasma to break materials apart into their elemental components; such as hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen; and then transform those elements into synthesis gas which is one of the basic blocks of the chemical and energy industries. Plasma, in simple terms, is an electrically charged gas, much like the sun and stars. The Compressed Plasma Technology®, represents the ultimate in recycling because it actually rearranges the molecular structure of low-value materials (waste) and transforms them into high-value products such as alternative transportation fuels, electricity and manufacturing feedstock. Clean, efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.

Our patented Compressed Plasma Technology® creates extremely high temperatures of up to 10X current technology with very little added energy. The plasma streams can be used to gasify any input like coal into base elements and then recombined into fuel such as diesel. This endothermic process with no wasted heat allows more energy to be converted to fuel. Recycling waste into commercial products allows for multiple revenue streams.

  • Anaerobic Process – No harmful emissions or byproducts, lowering construction and operating costs.
  • Retrofit – Our process can be inserted into existing solution designs with minimum risk.