Remember the scene in Back to the Future where Doc Brown throws garbage into Mr. Fusion, powering his time machine? While household fusion is still in the realm of science fiction, we might be closer than you think to generating electricity for our homes utilizing trash and plasma waste converters.

We see ourselves as a ‘Disruptive Energy’ company with focuses on plasma technology. When we look around everything surrounding us is plasma; the sun, lightning, the ionosphere, fluorescent light bulb, stars, fire, plasma TV, and solar winds are examples. Needless to say we did not invent the plasma, but we did invent 3 ways that we can harness it to our advantage.

The breakthrough technology allows an optimized gas-to-liquid (GTL) and coal-to-liquid (CTL) facilities to be built for up to 30% less than current solutions, produces pure transportation fuels, green waste, and/or clean water; and will most definitely lead to a new industrial revolution creating millions of NEW jobs and contributing to clean energy independence. There is a lack of sophisticated GTL and CTL processes available in the market. Present technologies, while producing reduced emissions, are economically viable only with government subsidization. American Energy Producers has the intellectual property rights & expertise to commercialize proprietary technology. Applying this new technology to the natural gas and coal conversion process reduces traditional gasification costs by 30% and eliminates 87% of the harmful emissions of typical diesel and jet fuel refining. The AEP GTL and CTL solution falls far below all EPA air quality requirements.

These crucial energy challenges can be addressed effectively through a coordinated initiative targeting the timely deployment of a network of innovative and disruptive energy plants based on ‘Compressed Plasma’ technology, together with associated down-line procedures for the production of synthetic crude and clean diesel. The 3 Solutions listed on the left describe how the American Energy Producers Compressed Plasma® technology provides the most cost effective, efficient and environmentally-friendly solution for water and waste to power, natural gas and coal to synthetic fuels for centuries to come.