American Energy Producers

In summary, the breakthrough technology allows an optimized gas-to-liquid or coal-to-liquids facility to be built for up to 30% less than current solutions, produces pure transportation fuels, green waste, and/or clean water; and will most definitely lead to a new industrial revolution creating millions of NEW jobs and contributing to clean energy independence.

There is a lack of sophisticated natural gas and coal gasification processes available in the market. Present technologies, while producing reduced emissions, are economically viable only with government subsidization. American Energy Producers has the intellectual property rights & expertise to commercialize our proprietary technology. Applying this new technology to the natural gas and coal conversion process reduces traditional gasification costs by 30% and eliminates 87% of the harmful emissions of typical diesel and jet fuel refining. We are well on the way to construct and to fulfill the energy demand for a total project cost of $1.8 billion, with $6 billion EBITDA projected over 7 years.

These crucial energy challenges can be addressed effectively through a coordinated initiative targeting the timely deployment of a network of innovative and disruptive energy plants based on ‘Compressed Plasma’ technology, together with associated down-line procedures such as a modified Fischer-Tropsch Technology for the production of synthetic crude and clean diesel. The following sections outline succinctly the role that this advanced clean-natural gas and clean-coal technology can play in resolving collectively the referenced energy challenges and confirming that natural gas and coal is truly a diamond in the rough. In fact, natural gas and coal is the safety vault of stored energy that can supply every economy with the bulk of its vital energy and electricity needs for centuries to come.